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    3 Things Men Can Do To Boost Their Attractiveness

    Who wouldn't want to be more attractive and popular with the ladies? Let's be honest, nobody! But what really makes a person attractive? It's no secret that women are a sucker for a man in a custom tailored suit, but what else can you do to boost your desirability that you may not already be doing?


    The typical guy will wait it out weeks on end until his hair gets completely untameable and he is left with no choice but to get a haircut. That's something that needs to stop, getting a regular haircut every 2 weeks can be a game changer for you appearance and self confidence, just give it a go for the next month and see how you feel.

    Speaking of regular hair cutting, it wouldn't hurt to get a consistent shaving schedule happening either. A 2013 study proved that woman find heavy (10 days growth) stubble equally as attractive whilst light (5 days growth) stubble scored significantly lower in terms of attractiveness. Now that covers facial hairs, as for the remaining body hairs we don't think we need to quote a study to let you know the importance of keeping everything tidy.


    For some reason, majority of men do not put much thought into their footwear but what if we told you that 64% of woman who judged a man's fashion sense by his shoes? And maybe even more surprising, 52% of women claimed that they judged a man's personality by his shoes? It seems rather strange but when you think about it logically, with all the thought girls stereotypically put into their shoes and judge other girls by, it only makes sense that a little bit of that judgement would rub off on them when judging males also. So anyway, the moral of the story is make sure you have a classy set our velvet slippers on you if you want to make a good impression. Sorry we had to!


    Now you don't have to be a genius to know that woman absolutely love a man in a suit, and the studies support that. Conducted in England, a study had woman evaluate the same men, once in a custom suit, and once in normal formal clothes. The results? 8 out of 10 woman thought that the man in their custom suit was more attractive, surprising? Not really.

    Now it's not only about looks, but don't you look generally feel better in a suit? There is always a sense of empowerment and confidence that follows when a suit is worn, particularly a well fit custom tailored suit. Let's forget about woman for a second as we have some more striking statistics to share with you, perhaps relevant in a job interview or for general respect; studies have shown that 92% of men claimed that wearing suit will make a good impression in professional scenarios. More importantly, 86% of men believe that a suited man makes a better first impression in social situations, parties or the dreaded first date date. So there we have it, the moral of the story is.. wear more suits!

    All about Velvet Slippers

    The velvet slipper, otherwise known as the Albert slipper has received a lot of attention as of late from being the choice of footwear for fashion forward celebrity icons such as Kanye West, Scott Disick and Carmelo Anthony, just to name a few.

    Despite receiving much celebrity attention velvet slippers are still quite a rare and unconventional shoe to come across, and with the unconventionality comes a lot of questions. Where did velvet slippers come from? When should velvet slippers be worn? How should velvet slippers be worn? These are all very good questions which we will be answering for you in the below readings.

    The velvet slipper, also known as the Prince Albert slipper was originally sported by the highest of the high in England as a formal indoor footwear. A growing liking to the comfortability, practicality and status symbol the velvet slippers offered caused times to change and the the velvet slipper evolved into an acceptable outdoor slipper. These slippers would be commonly used for trips to the clubs or smoking rooms of London, at these occasions the upper-class would pair these slippers with coordinating tailored suits or smoking jackets which further greatened the velvet slippers luxurious status. 

    Today the velvet slipper has evolved to be equipped with more of a casual-refined edge and often are embroidered with stylish status emblems. These embraced additions to the velvet slipper have turned them into a versatile choice of footwear which can be paired with tuxedo's, work suits, day suits and even neat casual clothes. With the velvet slipper it's not so much where you wear it, but how you wear it as they will always portray a sense of class and good taste.

    Peak, Shawl, Crochet Lapels - What is right for me?

    If you're new and finding your way into the world of suits you may have come across a number of different suit lapel styles and be asking yourself which one is right for you. 
    The three main styles of lapels go by the names of peak, shawl and crochet, all of which can be seen in the image above going left to right.
    So you've seen the latest sensation Gatsby at the theatres and now you suddenly feel the urge to deck out your closet with peak lapel suits like Jay Gatsby himself. But should you? Let's assume you know about the three main different types of lapels, these being peak, notch and shawl lapels (as left to right in the image above). Now, if you're the curious type before investing into a suit you may firstly be asking yourself a number of questions like: What is the difference between peak, notch and shawl lapels? What separates the three besides the obvious visual differences of one being notched, the other pointy and the other more rounded? Does your body structure matter? Will they suit (no pun intended) the events i attend? Are you craving to learn more yet? Assuming you said yes, let's dive into it a little deeper.

    Before choosing your lapel, their are a number of considerations which should be made:

    1. Event / Setting – Are you wanting to wear your suit to a black tie event? Perhaps another day at the office? Or maybe something in-between like a nice dinner or to the races. The setting, occasion and ultimately your personality will determine which suit lapel you should be sporting. 
    2. Suit Type – Different types of suits should have different lapels as not all lapels work for all suits. As an example, shawl lapels go best with tuxedos. Why? Well it's just the way it is.
    3. Body Type / Personality – Although this is not written in stone, as a general rule we recommend that those with a rounder head stay away from shawl lapels as the rounded lapel seems to accentuate a rounder head. Peak lapels can be worn by just about anyone as the only criteria is in fact, personality. With it being the more dominant and fashionable lapel of the three, a peak lapel has a tendency to make you stand out from the crowd. Therefore if you choose to make the statement of wearing a suit with a peak lapel be sure to live up to full expectation with a proper tailored fit and a neat overall presence. Lastly being crotched, which can be worn by anyone. We're going to be honest though, we don't fancy crotched all that much as it tends to be more of a boring, conservative option. But hey, each to their own!
    If you're still a bit iffy as to which lapel is right for you, as a general summary the below blunt statements summarise each lapel:


    Shawl: Typically should be worn to a formal dinner event, preferably if you do not have a circular head as it will accentuate this.

    Peak: The more fashion-forward choice, choose this if you're looking to stand out from the crowd.

    Crotched: The more bland option, choose this if you're looking to blend into the crowd.